MG DAS SMOOTH RIPPLE – Sold for $17,000

The Heart and The Horse
Sugarcreek, OH

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I am very excited to present MG Das Smooth Ripple (aka) Denny. This year I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the Horseman’s Mission Makeover Colt Challenge, which brings us to Denny. Denny is a 3-year-old dun skin AQHA gelding, with one of the sweetest personalities you’ll ever find. Over the last 6 months that I’ve worked with Denny it has been so amazing to see the progress, and transformation that has taken place, from not being able to catch him in his stall to now riding bareback and bridle less. Denny has been started with a great foundation based on trust, and consistency, that has led to him being a great partner. Denny’s first 3 weeks of training were primarily groundwork, learning how to back up, yielding forequarters and hindquarters, flexing his head and neck, ect. Building off of his groundwork I started riding him after about week 4 of training. For his first 30 days of riding we worked on learning basics, one rein stops, flexing, steering, walk, trot, lope, yielding hindquarters under saddle, and softening horizontally, as well as working on more advanced groundwork. Building off of groundwork and fundamentals in riding Denny has made leaps and bounds to more advanced maneuvers, and skills. Denny is supper soft in face as well as his poll and neck. He stays soft and collected at the walk, trot, and lope as well as backing up. He yields to leg pressure, side passes, stays very soft and collected in his lead departures, and does counter bending as well at the walk, trot and lope. Denny is super soft and supple in all five body parts, from his head, neck and poll, to his shoulders, through his ribcage to his hindquarters. You can lope him off on a loose rein, soft and collected, or bridle less if you like, he also one hand neck reins and has been started on basic reining maneuvers. Denny has also had lots of trail miles under saddle, ranging from long rides on the road, to long trail rides, through creeks, over logs, into ponds, he loves it and is very willing to go where you point him. He has also been exposed to cattle and I have started to introduce him to roping, and ranch work. To go along with all his riding, Denny has great barn manners, he clips, bathes, trailers, stands well for the farrier, and gets along well with other horses. At about ride number 20 I had several beginner learning to ride on him ranging from ages 7 to 22, at only 3 years old it’s amazing to see his maturity and disposition, he has one of the sweetest personalities, he loves people, and would make someone a great family/trail horse or be a great ranch/rope horse. Don’t miss out on this guy, he’s got the looks, the brains, and the personality and will make someone a great partner and friend. For more info or to see Denny in person contact Ben Miller at 330.763.4575.

Registered Number: 5941929
Hands: 15
Weight: 1,000
Foaled: 05/30/2018
Color: Dunskin

HMMC 001-2021 Fall-pedigree

Registered Number: 5944047
Foaled Year: 05/25/2018
Color: Dun

HMMC1-2021 pedigree

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