HIP #81


Country Hills Stables
Baltic, OH

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HIP #81
HIP #81

Lariat is a very cute little draft cross that is trained the best to ride. He’s been on trails through creeks and over logs with ease. Lariat is also trained the best to the carriage. If you are looking for a carriage horse he will fit the bill. He has been used to do some Ranch roping and working cows. With his cute little size, Lariat is a fun little horse to have around the farm. He has been on state routes, big trucks and semis do not scare him. He is a very sound horse wearing size 3 shoes. For more information call Leroy Eddie Miller at 330.365.6443.

Registered Number: N/A
Draft Cross
Hands: 14.3
Weight: 1,150
Foaled year: 04/24/2014
Color: Bay

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