HIP #43

GP MIDAS MOON – Sold for $12,500

George Pahoundis
Beach City, OH

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HIP #43
HIP #43

Gus has been a wonderful individual to have around. George raised this horse through his 4 yr. old year. We’ve started him under saddle and had him for the past two years. So, between the two of us, we can tell you everything that’s been done to him. I would consider Gus to be an awesome all-around horse. We’ve trail ridden, doctored calves, sorted cows, played around on the barrels, and also worked a few other horses off of him. He is a sure-footed horse that has never come up lame for us. On the trail he takes his time and watches where he puts his feet. Whether he is out front or bringing up the rear it does not matter, he does well either way. He loads, clips, bathes, and bridles all without a problem. Nor does he mind the farrier. He is a willing individual and has no buck in him. As far as riding, he does go off leg cues and your seat, but he will also do just fine with the reins as well. You can pretty much put him wherever you want him as far as front quarters, hind quarters, or side passing. During the past two years we have certainly enjoyed having Gus in our barn, and he has quickly become a valuable asset to our small farm. Whether he is needed to move some cows, doctor calves, or simply go for a joyride, Gus seems to enjoy it all. He will greatly be missed! For more information call George at 330.401.1509..

Registered Number: 5723115
Hands: 15.1
Weight: 1,200
Foaled: 05/29/2015
Color: Palomino

HIP 043-2021 Fall-pedigree

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