HIP #17

SMART ZOOMIN TARI – Sold for $19,000

C and C Horsemanship
Apple Creek, OH

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HIP #17
HIP #17

Tucker is a very unique horse that we have thoroughly enjoyed having in our program. What makes Tucker so unique is his ability to adapt to his rider. He can ride slow and quiet enough to carry around the most inexperienced rider not giving them more than they ask and yet ride up for a more experienced rider to have some fun at a horse show. Not only will he adapt to his rider, but he is also as honest as the day is long. We’ve given him ample time off and he always comes back just as gentle as when we left him. From moving cows in Wyoming, to spending some time in the reining pen in Ohio, and trail riding everywhere in between, there isn’t much Tucker hasn’t seen or experienced. Most recently he has spent some time in the reining and can perform every maneuver confidently. Checkout his video and see some of the highlights from his flying lead changes, spins, deep stops, confidence on the road and in the obstacles, and most importantly carrying around our 2-year old daughter. We truly have enjoyed this horse and his gentle personality. For more information call Chad at 330.473.5073.

Registered Number: 5590548
Hands: 15.2
Weight: 1,100
Foaled year: 04/15/2013
Color: Sorrel

HIP 017-2021 Fall-pedigree

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