HIP #104

PAIGE – Sold $2,500

Cantering Ledges
Dundee, OH

Click pictures to open a larger view. Detailed description of horse below.

HIP #104
HIP #104

Paige is intelligent, calm, and very easy going. She handles well for anyone from adults to 5 yr. old kids. Children have been handling her for weeks already anything from grooming, bathing, hoof care to dress up and leading! She lunges in both directions on cue, stops, backs and leads on command. Paige also clips, bathes, lifts all four feet and has all the color to com- plete the package! Ready to go in any direction you desire! She is an exceptional student and will not bite, nip, or kick period. A neat little package that is well built and athletic! For more information call Jeremy at 330.390.5170.

Registered Number: N/A
Hands: 12
Weight: 550
Foaled year: 04/2021
Color: Buckskin

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